Q.  Can anyone use the techniques offered in this course?

A.  Yes absolutely, even if you have never meditated before successfully, you are taken through an easy method of basic meditation.


Q.  Can Males use this method or is it only for females?

A.  No men can also use this method even though it is targeted at females to develop their connection with self and feminine energy. Males also have feminine energy and can develop that more within themselves, connect with themselves on a spiritual holistic level sexually and of course manifest with intention during orgasm.


Q.  So are you calling this technique of self-pleasure meditation?

A.  Yes eventually as you develop the practice it does become a more meditative experience whereby you feel both within and without your whole body as you experience it.


Q. Can this help with stress?

A. Yes, absolutely this method does relieve stress and build immunity by its releasing of good endorphins into the body. Just the same way when you experience normal orgasm does, except this, is more powerful because it also raises your etheric energy vibration and develops a great connection with self.


Q. Will this help me develop spiritually?

A. Yes, this builds a greater connection with self on all levels body, mind and spirit. Eventually, with more practice, the experience of whole body orgasm can be felt without the use of touch at all.


Q.  Will this technique make my manifestation desires a reality?

A.  Yes most definitely as long as you use the technique on a regular basis to build the new neuro-connections needed. Remove any undesired negative programming which could hinder whilst doing the practice. Understanding this method to be sacred, growing and a self-developing practice.


Q.  Is this method a scientifically proven method?

A. No, this method has been around for a long time as an ancient spiritual secret but is only becoming more into awareness as we as a society become more sexually aware.


Q.  As the coach of this course, what is your experience with teaching this?

A.  As a holistic spiritual coach for 15 years, I have always manifested incredibly well.  However, after studying this technique both on this realm and others I have found the practice to be amazingly rewarding, relaxing, stress relieving, uplifting, spiritually enlightening and much easier to manifest so much faster.


Q.  Can this be used by any age?

A.  Whilst I cannot judge or dictate a certain age for exploring this practice, this is left to the discretion of the user. All the content and advice have given throughout the course and with acceptance of our T & C’s this technique best suited to over 18 years.


Q. Is there personal coaching offered to help me overcome problems I may be experiencing?

A. Yes, all coaching services are offered over at our main website  www.agoddesslife.com  all bookings and enquiries can be made through there. Along with coaching that can assist you, you will also find products, binaural music and meditations that will help as well.