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The term Our Websites – represents our websites –  www.agoddesslife.com  www.orgasmicmanifesting.com and  www.goddessorgasmicenergy.com

Goddess Life and its representative holistic coach Jule Diamond through www.agoddesslife.com www.orgasmicmanifesting.com and  www.goddessorgasmicenergy.com  and all services offered to you by ‘us’ on our websites are for your own knowledge and entertainment purposes only. All users are to be 18 years of age or older.


All of our sites – its advisors, coaches, conscious creators, spiritual advisers or experts are not responsible for your decisions or choices made based on the advice or information obtained on or from our employees, associates of our websites for any of the products, services, advisers, coaches, courses, healers, tools, expert advice or links. Insight into any area of your life provided during using any materials will be offered using spiritual awareness, past experience, channeling and is for guidance and entertainment purposes only. Any information shared is to be used at your own discretion and common sense should always prevail. We strongly advise that before making any major life decisions, seek professional advice from the relevant qualified persons in that field; finances, medical care, legal, careers or professional.

The company Goddess Life and its representative holistic coach Jule Willetts does not take any responsibility for your actions after gaining knowledge, help, and advice through our courses or coaching. You’re continuing to use this website and or any services provided is confirmation that you understand and accept these terms and will act accordingly without recourse.


Course material terms and conditions


  1. Introduction

These terms and conditions will govern the sale and supply of course materials through our sites, and the use of those course materials.

You will be asked to give your express agreement to these terms and conditions before you place an order on our website and by continuing with your order you agree to these terms and conditions.


  1. Interpretation of T & C’sIn these terms and conditions:

(a)      “we” means [Goddess Life & Goddess Orgasmic Energy and its employer and staff ] (and “us and “our” should be construed accordingly);

(b)      “you” means our customer or prospective customer under these terms and conditions (and “your” should be construed accordingly);

(c)      “course materials” means those course materials that are available for purchase on our website www.goddessorgasmicenergy.com

(d)      “your course materials” means any such course materials that you have purchased through our website (including any enhanced or upgraded version of the course materials that we may make available to you from time to time).

  1. Order process
  2. The advertising of course materials on our website constitutes an “invitation to treat” rather than a contractual offer.
  3. No contract will come into force between you and us unless and until we accept your order in accordance with the procedure set out in this Section 3[ or [alternative order procedure]].
  4. To enter into a contract through our website to purchase course materials from us, the following steps must be taken: [you must add the course materials you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, and then proceed to the checkout; if you are a new customer, you must then create an account with us and login; if you are an existing customer, you must enter your login details; once you are logged in, you must consent to the terms of this document; you will be transferred to our payment service provider’s website, and our payment service provider will handle your payment; we will then send you an initial acknowledgement; and we will either send you an order confirmation (at which point your order will become a binding contract) or we will confirm by email that we are unable to meet your order].
  5. Prices
  6. Our prices are quoted on our website.
  7. We will from time to time change the prices quoted on our website, but this will not affect contracts that have previously come into force.
  8. Payments
  9. You must, during the checkout process, pay the prices of the course materials you order.
  10. Payments may be made by [any of the permitted methods specified on our website from time to time].
  11. Licensing of course materials
  12. We will supply your course materials to you in the format of an online course and by such means and within such periods as are specified on our website.
  13. Subject to your payment of the applicable price and compliance with these terms and conditions, we grant to you a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to make any use of your course materials permitted by Section 6.1 providing that you must not under any circumstances make any use of your course materials that are prohibited by Section 6.2

3.1    The “permitted uses” of your course materials are:

(a)     a copy of each of your course materials;

(b)      in relation to written and graphical course materials: making, storing and viewing copies of your course materials on [not more than 2] desktop, laptop or notebook computers, ebook readers, smartphones, tablet computers or similar devices;

(c)      in relation to audio and video course materials: making, storing and playing copies of your course materials on [not more than 2] desktop, laptop or notebook computers, smartphones, tablet computers, media players or similar devices; and

(d)      [printing [a single copy] of each of your written course materials solely for your own use.]

6.2     The “prohibited uses” of your course materials are:

(a)      the publication, sale, licensing, sub-licensing, renting, transferring, transmission, broadcasting, distribution or redistribution of any course material (or part thereof) in any format;

(b)      the editing, modification, adaptation or alteration of any course material (or part thereof), and the creation of any derivative work incorporating any course material (or part thereof);

(c)      the use of any course material (or part thereof) in any way that is unlawful or in breach of any person’s legal rights under any applicable law, or in any way that is offensive, indecent, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable;

(d)      the use of any course material (or part thereof) to compete with us, whether directly or indirectly; and

(e)      [any commercial use of any copy/download (or part thereof),]

providing that nothing in this Section 6.2 will prohibit or restrict you or any other person from doing any act expressly permitted by applicable law.

3.3     You warrant to us that you have access to the necessary computer systems, media systems, software and network connections to receive and enjoy the benefit of your course materials.

3.4     All intellectual property rights and other rights in the course materials not expressly granted by these terms and conditions are hereby reserved.

3.5     You must retain, and must not delete, obscure or remove, copyright notices and other proprietary notices on or in any course material.

3.6     The rights granted to you in these terms and conditions are personal to you, and you must not permit any third party to exercise these rights.

3.7     If you breach any provision of these terms and conditions, then the license set out in this Section 6 will be automatically terminated upon such breach.

3.10    You may terminate the license set out in this Section 6 by deleting all copies of the relevant course materials in your possession or control.

3.11    Upon the termination of a licence under this Section 6, you must, if you have not previously done so, promptly and irrevocably delete from your computer systems and other electronic devices all copies of the relevant course materials in your possession or control, and permanently destroy any other copies of the relevant course materials in your possession or control.

     4. Exclusive rights to you for entertainment and enjoyment purposes only

  1. You understand and agree that the content of our course material is for your knowledge, use and entertainment.
  2. Your choice in the development and knowledge you gain through using our product/course is for your exclusive use only and entertainment value.
  3. You take full responsibility for knowledge gained or not gained through courses and products provided by us.
  4. We, Goddess Life and the websites  and it’s representatives and coaches do not claim to heal, treat or guarantee any outcome in relation to health or wellbeing or way of life. This material is to be used for your own idea and entertainment purposes.
  5. You do not hold individual, company or its representatives responsible if the outcome of your desire is different than expected.
  6. You are of sound mind and body by agreeing to terms and conditions with purchase our products and courses. You are responsible to use or not use and make the judgement of any material and knowledge that you have gained from our course that you deem fit for your own personal use or not.


5.Warranties and representations

5.1     You warrant and represent to us that:

(a)      you are legally capable of entering into contracts;

(b)      you have full authority, power and capacity to agree to these terms and conditions; and

(c)      all the information that you provide to us in connection with your order is true, accurate, complete, current and non-misleading.

8.2     We warrant to you that your course materials will be supplied to you with reasonable care and skill.


8.2     We warrant to you that:

(a)      your course materials will be of satisfactory quality;

(b)      your course materials will be reasonably fit for any purpose of entertainment.


6.Limitations and exclusions of liability

6.1     These terms and conditions will not:

(a)      limit or exclude any liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence;

(b)      limit or exclude any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

(c)      limit any liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law; or

(d)      exclude any liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law,

and, if you are a consumer, your statutory rights will not be excluded or limited by these terms and conditions, except to the extent permitted by law.



7.1    We may revise these terms and conditions from time to time by publishing a new version on our website.

10.2    A revision of these terms and conditions will apply to contracts entered into at any time following the time of the revision, but will not affect contracts made before the time of the revision.


8. Our details

8.1    This website is owned and operated by Goddess Life.

8.2    We are registered in Australia under registration number 95 944 687 630

and our registered office is at 62 Karbunya St Mermaid Waters QLD 4218.

8.3    You can contact us by writing to the address given above[, by using our website contact form][,  or by email to [the email address given on our website from time to time].